The self-portrait that I use as a logo is a painting, thanks to which I discover my sensitivity to colours. That is why it is for me a symbol that reminds me about the joy of creation and the discovery of my own potential.

My name is Sabina Pelc, and I was born in 1983. I am an artist educated mainly in sculpture, but also in other plastic techniques. The five-year-long National High School of Plastic Arts in Jaroslaw (Poland) program enabled me to obtain a free development of artistic sensibility and also gave birth to my relationship with plastic arts.  In May 2003, I completed the National High School of Plastic Arts; I obtained a diploma with distinction, and I passed the entrance exams at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Poland) at the Faculty of Sculpture.

For many years, my teacher at the Academy was Professor Bogusz Salwinski, who was a supervisor of my Master’s thesis in May 2008. I obtained a diploma with distinction, and thereby I was awarded with the title of the Master of Fine Arts. During the five-year study program, I gained experience in working with different materials (wood, ceramic, stone, cast iron), and associated disciplines (stained glass, casting or architectural and sculptural design). At that time, I also discovered my passion, which is the HUMAN – his existence, potential, and extremity.

I work mostly with classic materials of natural origin. My favourite material is clay. It allows me to explore the human nature; it is for me an element combining the history of the world with the history of the human.





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